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Transition Support Service

Our Transition Support Service has been helping individuals since 2015!

We support young people aged 14 - 26 to identify and reach their goals. 

This could be full- or part-time employment, work experience or help to access further education.


Help support you from education to develop skills for the working world

Meet regularly to get to know you

Help develop a Person-Centred Plan to keep you on track to meet your goals

Support with benefit claims

Develop your CV and interview skills

Help you build confidence and responsibility

Find volunteering opportunities and work towards a Saltire Award

Group activities and training

Support you to build a routine

Find work experience opportunities

In-work support to help you sustain employment long-term

Support for your employer to make your experience as successful as possible!

If you think this sounds like the kind of support you might need,

fill in a referral form (below) or contact us to come along for a chat!

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