Joshua's Story

Updated: Apr 19, 2019

Joshua came in to the Transition Service. Joshua a diagnosis of Asperger Syndrome and mental health issues. Joshua found it difficult to be in social situations and meet new people, and lived with anxiety and depression.

Joshua’s key worker supported him to find an unpaid placement, which later lead to paid part-time work gaining experience in finance and administration. Joshua received feedback from this placement, and reflected on this.

Joshua applied for several administration and finance assistant jobs, and was offered a full-time vacancy as administration assistant which he has now sustained for almost a year.

We reviewed Joshua regularly until he had reached 6 months in employment, as well as keeping in touch with his employer.

No issues arose during this time and we exited Joshua from the service.

Joshua's View:

I was very un-confident due to my anxiety and disposition. However, I was motivated to get into work. I initially hoped that [Moving On] would do the job-seeking for me, I would do the applications and that would be it. There has been some of that, but there’s been a broad range of other assistance such as being referred to training and work placements, and ultimately support once I found work. I found that training opportunities could be helpful for me rather than just something to add to my CV.

From Moving On I received a placement that turned into a 9 hour a week job, then after they helped me enter a full time job with a different company that they are currently supporting me through.

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