Freddie's Story

Updated: Aug 17, 2020

Names have been changed and some details omitted for the purposes of confidentiality.

I met with Moving On because my other support worker put in a referral for me. I wasn’t sure about meeting someone new and was really nervous about starting with a new service. I felt so anxious but once I met with my support worker I started feeling better about it. She was really friendly and listened to me talk and I felt we clicked straight away.

She got to know me and my goals, we went for coffee which made me feel like it wasn’t a scary meeting. I felt like someone else my own age going for a coffee instead of always meeting in an office. She listened to me and she wouldn't judge me or treat me differently even though I’ve been in trouble in the past and still get in trouble sometimes now.

She helped me realise that part-time work would be best for me, and helped me get a placement. I absolutely loved it there and I finally had a routine and I was busy. I was nervous about meeting people working there but my support worker took me along, introduced me to everyone I’d be working with and showed me round. She dropped me off for the first few days, kept in touch and camein regularly throughout the weeks I was there. She helped fix any issues that came up and through this placement I definitely got more confident about my skills and abilities. I still see some of the people I worked with around town and they always wave and say hi! This is big for me because it’s hard for me to get to know people and I usually walk around with my head down ignoring people around me. I don’t really bump into people who say hello to me or wave, but when I see their vans driving round I know who it is and feel like people care enough to say hello.

Moving On started running social groups and activities which has really helped me with meeting new people. I can sometimes struggle with saying the right thing, but my support worker talks to me about what’s appropriate and makes sure I learn from the times where I say something I shouldn’t.

I recently did a Person Centred Plan where I was able to hear positive things from those supporting me and think about what I want from my future. I feel motivated and hopeful that I’ll achieve my goals.

My support worker helped me find a volunteering opportunity which I'm still doing two days a week. Although I’m still looking for paid work I would love to keep volunteering here in my spare time once I find a job because I really love it.

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