Andrew's Story

Andrew was referred to the Transition Service from the Bridges Project, and was confident that he would gain an apprenticeship quickly and progress with his goals.

It soon appeared that Andrew's mental health and learning disability affected his ability to attend appointments, commit to a placement and ultimately work towards his goals as quickly as he had hoped.

Andrew was referred to Condition Management where he attended appointments to help manage his mental health and discuss stress and anxiety in his life.

Andrew started to engage regularly with his support worker, and gained a work experience placement. Andrew was subsequently offered full-time work as a result of his excellent performance, however due to Andrew's mental health he suffered a set-back and was unable to attend the first week of work. Unfortunately this lead to the job offer being withdrawn.

This highlighted the level of continued support Andrew needed with his mental health to continue to achieve his goals, and exited the service for a period of time to focus on his health.

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